Eventos Próximos

“I love my church because of the family unit it has become for me. We are all different individuals who have come together and grown close for one purpose and that is the love we share for our Lord and Savior.”
“I love our church so much! We love that the focus is centered on Jesus, good preaching and soul winning. What a great place to come and grow in the Lord.”
John & Elsa
“God has worked in my life spiritually. We have such a friendly church and a loving Pastor. I’m thankful that God has led us to this church!”
What a blessing it is to be a part of such a people oriented church. We love our Crossroads Baptist Church family so much!
Don & Vicki
“I love my church! My family and I love being a part of the ministries at Crossroads Baptist Church. It is a great place to serve, grow and welcome others who want to participate in the worship of our Saviour.”
“Crossroads Baptist Church has helped me so much. I get a chance to grow every Sunday with Biblical preaching and teaching from God’s Word.”

“I consider this to be my home away from home. I try to come to every event. I love being involved in such a friendly atmosphere. God sure is blessing Crossroads Baptist Church.”


“I love being part of the bus ministry that reaches out to the community. We bring so many people to church on our buses that otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. I love being part of that.”

“You do not come to Crossroads Baptist Church to learn how to do something. You come to Crossroads Baptist Church to learn to be somebody special. Someone that lines up with God’s will. Many people have found God’s will for their lives here.”

Nuestros Servicios


Haganos saber si tiene alguna pregunta o si simplemente necesita alguien con quién hablar. Nosotros nos comunicaremos con usted pronto y esperamos que pronto nos acompañe.